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  Blast furnace slag, a waste slag discharged from blast furnaces when smelting pig iron, is a fusible mixture that can be processed into a valuable material with a variety of uses using a variety of processes. In the iron-making process, iron oxide is reduced to metallic iron at high temperatures. Impurities such as silica and alumina in the iron ore react with lime to form a melt with silicates and aluminosilicates as the main components. After quenching, it becomes a loose and porous granular material, which is blast furnace slag.

  Blast furnace slag has a wide range of uses and needs to be dried before use to remove excessive moisture and improve formability and fluidity. The drying equipment is a drum blast furnace slag dryer. The drying temperature is low and the time is short to avoid affecting the material properties.

blast furnace slag dryer

  Blast furnace slag can be processed using a variety of processes into valuable materials with a variety of uses.

  Blast furnace slag processed into slag gravel can replace natural sand and gravel. It can be used as concrete, reinforced concrete, heat-resistant concrete aggregate with an operating temperature below 700°C, and as an auxiliary material for highways, racing fields, airport runways, etc. that require wear resistance and anti-skid. Railway ballast, tunnel filling and foundation cushion filler, sewage treatment media, etc.

  After the blast furnace slag is quenched with a large amount of water, it can be made into fine-grained slag containing mainly vitreous body, which has potential hydraulic gelling properties. Under the action of activators such as cement clinker, lime, and gypsum, it can form a hydraulic gel. It has good setting performance and is a high-quality cement raw material.

  Hot-melt slag can be processed into porous expanded slag, which can become concrete light bones after crushing and screening. It can also be processed into particles of different sizes with micropores, smooth surface, and expanded beads. Expanded beads are high-quality concrete lightweight aggregate; they can also be used as cement mixing materials, road materials, insulation materials, etc.

  Slag wool can be produced by blowing hot molten slag flow with compressed air or high-pressure steam. Used as thermal insulation, sound-absorbing, fire-proof materials, etc.

  In addition, blast furnace slag can also be used as raw material for cast stone, crystallized glass, fertilizer, enamel, ceramics, etc.

  In general, blast furnace slag has a wide range of uses, and drying treatment is an important step in its application process. Through reasonable drying treatment, the utilization value of blast furnace slag can be further improved. Zhengzhou Jiutian is a professional blast furnace slag dryer manufacturer. It has various types of blast furnace slag drying equipment to choose from to effectively complete the drying process of blast furnace slag.

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