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  Bentonite is an important non-metallic mineral, the main component of which is montmorillonite. It has the characteristics of adsorption, pulping, and expansion. After drying and other treatments, it can be used in agriculture, light industry, cosmetics, medicines and other fields. The application field is very wide.

  Bentonite dryer is a contact-type internal heating conduction drying machine with the advantages of high thermal efficiency, high drying rate, and stable product drying quality. Before bentonite is used in various industries, it must be dried in a bentonite dryer before it can be used. It can realize continuous production and has the advantages of strong drying capacity, low drying cost, fast drying speed, and simple and easy operation.

bentonite dryer

  Performance advantages of bentonite dryer:

  1. Reasonable structure. Simple design, small footprint, easy to build and maintain, economical and convenient.

  2. High thermal efficiency. The bentonite dryer is equipped with a radiator and a reasonable air duct, so that the hot air directly contacts the bentonite material, improving the thermal efficiency and saving energy.

  3. Strong drying capacity. The equipment adopts the most intelligent floating end face sealing structure on the market. When the equipment is running, the floating end face sealing structure can not only effectively ensure the air induced effect, but also prevent the entry of cold air, greatly improving the drying efficiency.

  4. High degree of automation. The bentonite dryer adopts computer automatic control, which can realize remote control and easy operation. Different drying temperatures and drying times can be configured according to the drying requirements of bentonite to realize drying automation.

  As a professional drum dryer manufacturer, Zhengzhou Jiutian bentonite dryer has mature technology and many successful cases at home and abroad. Welcome to contact us for more information.

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