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  Kaolin is a white, soft powder that is widely used in various industries because of its unique properties. Drying kaolin is essential to remove excess moisture and improve its handling and processing properties.

  Kaolin Rotary Dryer is specially designed to dry kaolin clay through high temperature air flow. The kaolin dryer consists of a rotating drum or cylinder in which kaolin is added from one end and the dried product is discharged from the other end. The drum is heated with hot air, which helps evaporate the water in the kaolin clay.

kaolin rotary dryer

  Uses of kaolin after drying:

  1. Used in cosmetics industry. Its fine particle size and ability to absorb excess oil make it an ideal ingredient in skin care products such as masks, powders and creams.

  2. Used in pharmaceutical industry. It is often incorporated into medications and supplements as an excipient, acting as a binder or filler. Kaolin clay helps improve the flow characteristics of the powder, making it easier to handle and accurately dose. Its inertness and low toxicity make it a safe and effective ingredient in pharmaceutical preparations.

  3. Used in paper industry. It is commonly used in paper production as a coating pigment to improve the paper's opacity and printability.

  4. Used in ceramic production. Kaolin clay can act as a filler and increase the strength and plasticity of the clay body.

  5. Used in agriculture. When applied to soil, kaolin clay helps improve water retention, reduce soil compaction, and increase nutrient availability to plants. This results in healthier crops, improved yields and quality.

  In short, dried kaolin has wide and diverse applications, and kaolin dryer is an indispensable equipment for kaolin drying. Zhengzhou Jiutian specializes in customizing various models of kaolin dryers. You can contact us to get equipment quotation.

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